gourmet fast food?

On a recent vacation to Nevada, I had the opportunity to try a much-raved-about chain restaurant. While I usually do not frequent this type of cuisine, I was excited to make an exception for an assumedly exceptional locale.

While returning from the Hoover Dam, I dined at In-N-Out Burger.

The spread

I entered armed with advice from In-N-Out veterans J. and M. Their recommendations included animal-style fries and a vanilla milkshake.

Mainly out of curiosity, I also ordered a burger.

The burger

Needless to say, the fries were the hit of the afternoon. Since I preferred the regular ones, it was a relief that L. fell in love with animal-style.  It was also refreshing to read about the freshly peeled potatoes, despite the required squinting to read the words through the leftover animal-style grease tracks on the cardboard carton.


The aftermath

Oh, the vanilla milkshake was my favorite.  Unfortunately it was so covetable, it was un-photographable.

Happy customers

Everyone loves an In-N-Out burger.


3 responses to “gourmet fast food?

  1. Most adorable couple. That better be me in &#)%*# years. Loving the pink shirt.

  2. lemme tell you-pre vegan and pre vegetarian phase i loved getting in-and-out on cali roadtrips. seriously, if you’re going to eat fast food, make it IN-and Out!!!!! omg their shakes-AMAZING!

    oh and i love the layout of your blogs and your pictures are amazing!

  3. And you make In-N-Out look gourmet. This along with the rest – simply gorgeous dahling, quite literally.

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